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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

MeeMeep Absolutely Incompetent Never Again! Crowdsourced Courier Company Review

So I order a few things from Kmart, this was the first time I had ordered from their online store, everything was fine with the order process as it should be in this day and age of course. Then the delivery...little did I know my delivery was going to be made by some company called, if you ever order anything from anywhere demand they don't use this absolutely crap company.

They use private drivers/people to fucking deliver your goods, what a load of crap, I didn't realise Kmart used this totally unprofessional incompetent business for deliveries, if I had known I wouldn't have ordered off them. I had never before heard of this meemeep crowdsourcing business before, but I have now and it's shit, in transit means we'll deliver your items whenever we feel like it, don't expect it on the same day as the "delivery is in transit notification" you get, that means nothing to these arseholes. They don't seem to have any control over their drivers, they offer zero help in finding out about your delivery and when it will arrive.

They gave me the drivers phone number and said "you ring him" I did, of course it went to message bank, I left a message, and of course the incompetence continued, he never returned my call.

It was "in transit" this morning, plenty of time for my delivery to be made, I've been waiting all day, I've watched the driver sit at Hoppers Crossing for about four hours not moving at all, while I'm here waiting and waiting and waiting. Now remember it's "in transit", the driver reached Hoppers Crossing around 12.00pm, plenty of time to make it to Essendon North, but nope he just sat there until the end of the working day, not moving any further at all.

Here's some screenshots of the customer portal

The screenshot below shows the "red pin" that's where I am and the "blue pin" where the driver was from about 12.00pm until the end of the day, in Hoppers Crossing, while I'm still waiting for my delivery. There was no notification that the driver had stopped for the longest lunch in history, I had to use the online chat, to find out what was happening and they didn't have a clue either, that's when they gave me the supposedly driver's mobile number which just went to voicemail!

The following screenshot shows the name/handle the driver uses, the mobile number listed is not the one they gave me to ring him on!

I've contacted Kmart to voice my displeasure with the MeeMeep courier, I told them if I had known my delivery was going to be made by some third grade courier service I would never have agreed and would've cancelled the order, but they don't tell you who the courier will be before or after checkout and you've paid the money. If this is the future of couriers, god fucking help us! Even though I've had one particular Auspost courier who was absolute shit, the other 99% Auspost drivers are wonderful.

So if all goes to plan my delivery will now be made by Auspost, when they say "In Transit" it actually means something, unlike I despise these new pop up businesses that crap on about how good they are at what they do, yet they are nothing like what they claim to be. The only "beef" I have with Kmart is that they are stupid enough to use incompetence like, seriously do companies like Kmart actually test these services out, or do they just believe the bullshit blindly, I can't fathom how a service like this is good for business, for Kmart themselves, it has to reflect badly upon Kmart, surely!

Now just note, the MeeMeep driver accepted the bid for a door to door delivery, why did he if he can't fulfil the job, why did he stop work at 12.00pm instead of working a full working day, what the fuck is wrong with people these days? If either the driver or customer service actually let me know that the delivery was now not going to happen I could have had at least four less wasted hours of my day, none of this would have been a problem, but neither gave me the courtesy of any helpful communication, which meant I was stuck at home all day waiting for a delivery they knew would not be arriving, it's disrespectful and I despise being disrespected by incompetent companies that have my money for a service they espouse to provide, one phone call, is all it takes to appease most people, me included...

I couldn't have made it any easier considering I actually rang the driver on the number that customer service gave to me, if only the driver had picked up and answered the call or rang back and replied to the message I left, oh well, they had more than enough chances to make things right, but alas, their incompetence shone through, I guess they errr, won? Bear in mind that the meemeep customer service also couldn't contact their own driver, it does make one wonder if they have any control over their drivers at all, I mean, why would the driver ignore a call from meemeep itself, their employer?

Product Review

It's rather hilarious that the same day the CEO of was asking to contact me to "have a chat" my product review got a little friend, one more review, the username of that new product review is "Jdub", now scroll down and read the only comment on this blog post, it's by the CEO of "Justin W" quite a coincidence... I'll quote the new review on PR of with a screenshot of the review by "Jdub".

It's worth noting that my review of meemeep is a "Verified Purchase" review, "Jdubs" is not a "Verified Purchase" review lmao.

Not really a genuine independent review that we have here, ooh sending a case of wine to a colleague well ladi fucking la... note the date, the amount of reviews of this Jdub and let's not forget the username... It's the courier service company that keeps on giving...bullshit that is!

The CEO (Justin W) and I did have a chat on the phone, he seemed like a reasonable fellow, he apologised to me and yes I let him "have it" about the service that I had received and just how incompetent and pathetic it was by the "driver" and the "customer service" drone that I dealt with.

His apology really means nothing though, he didn't even know about the driver's incompetence until two months after it most CEO's they are too busy sending cases of wine to their mates but wouldn't have a fucking clue what goes on in the day to day running of their businesses!

They wonder why customers have no loyalty to a business these days, well it's real simple, do the fucking job you're paid to do and treat your customers with respect and don't fuck them around, it really isn't that difficult, yet so many businesses just can't grasp that concept...or they just don't care!

The following image is a screenshot of the only comment made on this blog, I just want to save it in case it "disappears"...

Something else to note, you'll see in the "screenshotted" image of the CEO's comment directly below, the only piece of text that has brackets around it, is, (not crowd sourced). Now go down to the next screenshot, there it says the courier Driver4M is indeed a CROWDSOURCED COURIER pmsl ;)

Apparently Kogan are using meemeep for deliveries over the Christmas period, I have spoken to Kogan customer service and they too are sick of the meemeep complaints, apparently they will be reviewing whether they use meemeep (let's hope they don't), they're probably sick of the incompetence and lies that many are voicing about on the product review page I started about meemeep, so many reviews in fact that meemeep have had to "manage" the complaints on product review, Kogan customer service said to let them know if you didn't want your delivery to be made by, that's great, it means I can continue to buy stuff from Kogan, it seems they have been using meemeep in the busy Christmas time so let's hope that doesn't continue...

Update: 20-08-2018

Well, well, it seems has disappeared from the face of the earth, their website is gone without a trace, no "wind up" information page as to why they have disappeared, no nothing that can be found by searching Google anyway. The negative reviews continued on the Product Review website unabated, well except for many bullshit positive reviews (maybe 5 were real from the twenty or so positive reviews) that just couldn't keep up to quell the negative ones. It seems at least one of their couriers was not advised of Meemeep closing their "doors" as one courier was quite pissed that no information was provided, I wonder if they told any other drivers?

The fact is though it seemed that the biggest clients of this "company" were Kmart and Kogan, with many people stating that they will never use either of these two businesses if they used Meemeep to deliver their purchases, yes customers were contacting K&K to let them know this, I know Kmart dropped them fairly quickly, though I think Kogan used them a little longer, Meemeep definitely brought this upon themselves with their incompetence which was well documented on the Product Review website. Anyway all I can say is I'm glad another incompetent business that had zero customer service skills and even worse, couldn't deliver one's purchases in a timely, professional manner has bitten the dust, this is one time the power of the purchasers has had a win!

Good riddance Meemeep, you deserved everything you got, it definitely wasn't unexpected...
I'll leave one final screenshot from PR, the most recent two posts and no doubt the final two posts ever!