Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Adjustable Safety Razors - Hardware

I'm not a daily shaver, I shave when I feel like it, so when I was researching double edge razors I felt an adjustable razor might suit me the best, the very first adjustable razor I bought was a Merkur Progress for $85.00 AUD it came with one Merkur double edge blade. I made the right choice and adjustable razor was the right choice for myself. I'm very happy with the Progress it's a wonderful razor, but with the research I had been doing I also happened upon the famous Gillette adjustable's from a bygone era when safety razors are what men used.

Merkur Progress
The Merkur Progress is a wonderful razor the design has been around since 1955 and is still made today so these can be bought brand new. They are a two piece design so to change the blades the top cap needs to be completely removed. The adjustment dial ranges from 1 - 5 there is no "click" you just line the dot on the handle with the numbers on the adjustment dial.

The Gillette Fatboy Adjustable Razor
This razor is iconic among the adjustable razors, if you are going to start collecting adjustable razors this is a must have, it's a wonderful heavy tto adjustable.